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walnutbunch(cork l)


Black & LiteInspired by the rapid transformation of the light bulb and the emergence of CFL and LED lamps.

Conventional lights were using between 110 – 220 volts and one of the results was a lot of heat.
Now for example, some LEDs are now using 5 watts / 7 –8 volts and burning at much lower temperatures.
The wooden shade that is made so that it can only use LED lamps.
The intention is to change perceptions about LEDs and demonstrate the much lower electricity usage and therefore greater savings on your electricity consumption (and the environment) and ultimately greater savings in money at the end of the day.
The shades are turned in the shape of the old fashioned incandescent bulb, from solid wood and no dyes or stains are used to produce the various colour ways. Instead I use different woods to create the desired colour. All the woods are FSC certified.