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First designed For Southern Guild 2009 collection.
Nests are copying the genius of the Weaver Birds. The result is a human nest to be used outside hung in a tree or inside. It is an attempt at bio mimicry but my skills are no match for the delicate touch of a master. I have explored different materials from Port Jackson alien vegetation to Kubu cane to waste materials, looking for the most sustainable and effective solution. I collaborate with experts in the various weaving techniques to achieve what I dream. Sizes vary and nests can be ordered to suit your needs. They can accommodate from 1 to 4 people.

Bridle road – 1. 8 x 1.6m. Kubu cane and wood.
Nettleton road – Various sizes. Kubu cane and slide.
Bernard – 1.8m x 2m. Kubu cane