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The inspiration for Cratefan came from Lego. The reusable component system which could be used to make various shapes and structures and then broken down and reused to create other shapes and structures without any waste or special manufacture. This fitted perfectly with Coca-Colas new recycling initiative, Live For a Difference. About 85% of Coca-Cola’s packaging and its their goal to recover and reuse 50% of their packaging worldwide by 2015. All materials will be recycled afterwards, the scaffolding reused and the crates will be put back in to the bottlers system. Those crates that were harmed during the making of Cratefan, will be recycled back into new ones.
Two were constructed for the 2010 soccer World Cup, one in Johannesburg in Newtown and the other in the V&A waterfront in Cape town.

Oupa – Height 16.5 meters – Crates 2400
Elliot – Height 20 meters – Crates 4200
Easter Intervention – teeth
Christmas – beard + Ho Ho Ho
Olympics – flame + medal
Birthday – blower plus sewing recycled billboard

Warren Lewis, Art at Work, Mark Sinoff, SGB scaffolding.